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Along with all the health benefits I dropped 2 kilos within days. Very happy!

Best Vitamin D on the market

You can literally feel your mood change once you start taking this. Takes a few weeks to properly feel it but its amazing once it works


My overall iron levels have improved and I don’t get the nasty side effects of regular iron tablets, and really gentle on the tummy


My husband and I started taking the B Complex Plus, and have seen a massive improvement in energy and mind clarity, that we don’t require a caffein hit!!

Great product

Great product. Good customer service. Fast delivery. Would buy again

Smashingly amazing

Helped my back injury heal

Great product

I suffer with histamine intolerance, and this product helps me a lot to maintain my well-being. I’m very grateful for this and for all information the website send for me! Thank you all !!

Sleep Enhancer

If you aren't falling asleep straight away or feel like you aren't getting quality sleep then try this! My wife and i have tried a few different magnesium products and this one is the best by far! It would take me 30+ mins to fall asleep every night, now i take 2 before bed and fall asleep within 5 mins every night. And no more mid night awakenings to pee.
Really awesome product.

Great product

Great product, very quick and ease of ordering and delivery

Great product

Easy to buy from great products and fast delivery

A Grade testosterone booster

High quality product for helping boost testosterone in an ease to take capsule form.

I used to have to go to my doctor for this which was inconvenient.
Now I just place my order online and it comes on the post and I know I will be getting exactly the same high quality product.
Love it.

The best easy-to-use water filter jug going around.

Easy to use, water tastes great but more importantly, is filtering our tap water extremely efficiently.

I like it

I'm really surprised by Fadogia Agrestis. Stacked with Double Wood Tongkat Ali and the benefits in such a short time of usage have been amazing. Well worth giving it a go if you are already using Tongkat Ali. My only issue is slight headaches and that most likely has to do with my dose (2 caps) but it's not bad enough to lower my dosage.

Fish oils you need

These are fantastic everyday fish oils, I take them twice a day and love knowing I’m taking top quality gel capsules to help with brain function, heart, metabolism & muscle functions! Been taking in January and will not go without!

Great Product

The TUDCA is easy to take and has started to provide some relief.

Balancing out your gut

This product is awesome for supporting your gut and addressing a Candida overgrowth

We saw immediate results!

I’m actually amazed at how well these probiotics worked. We’ve tried store bought, kefir, and others but those did not help my son’s chronic acne. Within a few days, inflammation went down dramatically and no new acne was surfacing; within weeks his acne has cleared and it’s healing. The acne was affecting all of his back, his face, his neck and chest so there was constant inflammation, irritation and pain after 10 years this probiotic has worked! He was doubtful for the first week that it was working because he didn’t want to get his hopes up but he admits now it has worked and he was asking about where I got Mega SporeBiotic from and why it worked, so thank you! Recommend to everyone

Great products

I am very happy with all your products plus your wonderful customer service and fast delivery.

Self healing power supplement

Tried other brands and this is the real deal, I could feel my shoulder tendon pain subsiding after 3 days. A powerful supplement and worth the money. Well done 5th Element.

still waiting

still waiting for goods to arrive. Shouldn't get a review reminder before I get the product.

Great for sleep

Since taking Magnesium L-Threonate I have not been sleepless in the early morning hours.

Quality Product

This product has really improved my digestion. I have 2 auto immune diseases and can suffer greatly with IBS if not managed properly. Taking one tablet a day and increasing slowly to 3 tables with meals has meant I’m able to control my blood sugar and cravings. As I enter into peri-menopause this has been a saviour to my waistline and overall health and fitness.

Easy on the stomach

Never felt sick from this product unlike other zincs I’ve used, recommended by my gut health coach - good quality

Wonderful Immunoglobin

MegaIgG works well to bind the toxin and reduce gut inflammation. It is a smart and highly specific binder unlike the common binder like charcoal, etc.