How the Gut can impact your Energy Levels

A woman eating weight loss friendly snacks for gut health

Have you ever noticed after you’ve eaten certain foods, your body feels not quite right?

Decisions become harder to make, little things become irritating and there seems to be a slight wave of anxiety lingers over you.

Now, before you clear the house of the foods that you ate before feeling this way, you may be interested to know that the state of your gut has a huge impact on the state of your brain and energy levels.

So much so that you could be eating the best organic, grass-fed whole foods in the entire world, but if your gut is not absorbing the nutrients from these foods to turn them into energy – your energy levels will begin to suffer!

The digestive tract breaks down the foods we eat, absorbing the nutrients that support the rest of our body’s functions, and is responsible for:

  • Energy production⁠
  • Hormone balance⁠
  • Building neurotransmitters (Our gut produces up to 90% of our serotonin levels!)⁠
  • Mental health⁠
  • Skin health⁠
  • Housing our immune system, fighting off viruses, toxins and eliminating waste

Our gut is key in keeping our body in working order!⁠

While the road to good gut health is unique to every individual, luckily, the right nutrition and lifestyle choices can work wonders!

  • Reduce/Eliminate your intake of sugar, gluten & dairy as well as food additives, these foods are difficult to digest and can cause inflammation, especially within the gut.⁠
  •  Eat slow-cooked meats and bone broth, both rich in collagen (the main component of the connective tissue that your gut is made of), gelatin (anti-inflammatory and helps protect the gut lining from harmful microbes), glutamine, peptides and several vitamins and minerals.⁠
  •  Holistically support your gut through guided mineral and vitamin supplementation. ⁠
  • Manage your stress levels by learning how to actively relax through breathwork, mindfulness or meditation.⁠
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